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Electronic payment is a strategic requirement for business success. Our solutions instantly give your business a competitive advantage.We help businesses transition their payment infrastructures providing them a single unifed payment platform that can support both post paid, prepaid electronic payments an a 7/24 basis making it easy to manage.

Our modular solution provides a clear path for your organization to transition from limited classical payment systems to a state of art, reliable , process oriented, fully automated and cost-effective electronic payment solution. Our payment solutions have become a trusted part of many organizations payment strategies.

IPS has strong expertise and understanding of the needs of the operators collection needs. IPS Payment Solution will enable payment collection through all authorized channels of the operator such as teller desks, dealers, Banks, PTTs, Financial Institutions and self-care channels such as Internet, Call Center IVR, Mobile Phones and PDA’s etc It supports payment by cash, credit card, bank’s standing orders from checking or credit account or via credit card. Different payment types such as, advance payment, bill payment, partial bill payment are all supported. With special payment functionality such as Installment, bonus and discount at payment time, payment all-at-once, total convenience are provided for customer satisfaction and revenue increase.

The richness of the payment functionality brings customer satisfaction, higher productivity, increased airtime and revenues, competitive advantage.

Solution has a proven performance on several customer sites, in a scale from 1 million subscribers to 25 million. The solution is not an only an application software but includes all related business processes. According to customer needs (i.e. number of subscribers, daily transaction volume, number of concurrent users) the solution is scalable. Application architecture supports modular and multi-level transaction flow which can be located in vertically and horizontally distributed servers.

IPS extensively uses INNOVA IT Solutions portfolio of products in the projects implemented by IPS.
IPS Regions
IPS operates mainly CIS Region, Commonwealth of Independent States, focusing on:
  • Azerbaijan
  • Georgia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyz Rep.
  • Moldova
  • Tajikistan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Uzbekistan

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